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Saluda County Schools aims to produce college and career ready graduates who are innovative and creative problem solvers.  We value collaboration, teamwork, and problem solving skills.  Saluda County Schools acknowledges that 1:1 computing initatives leverage our students toward this goal.

Our process

In Spring of 2015, Saluda County Schools provided each middle school teacher with a Chromebook in preparation for a student 1:1 device deployment.  In Fall of 2015, each 7th grader at Saluda Middle School will be issued a Chromebook.  For the 2016-2017 school year, every student at Saluda Middle School will be equipped with a Chromebook.  Learn more about Chromebooks in education.

Our obligation

We are prepared to provide rigorous and thorough professional development to prepare our teachers for this initiative.  Significant training will occur prior to the deployment and on going profressional development will continue through the #powerOn initiative.

An instructional technology coach is working closely with the middle school faculty, allowing for a intentional integration of technology into the curriculum.  The SAMR model for technology integration wil be used to guide the teachers in the use of Chromebooks in their lessons.  The teachers will also integrate the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) standards as indicated by our district's technology plan.